Kim Chow's quotes


We live our lives by leaving footprints in the world. Someone, somewhere, will find our footprints and carry on our work for the good of humanity.


Happiness does not come in large bundles; it comes in small packages. If we collect all the packages, we will get more than bundles.


Make at least one person smile everyday, immerse in the person's smile, and let it charge you up with joy and pleasure.


Problems are part and parcel of life. We should not waste time worrying about problems, but spend time finding solutions to the problems.


If something is bad, we must find ways to turn it into good. If something is bad, we must not do things to make it worse.


Distress and despair, anguish and agony, serve to shape one's philosophy, and strengthen the resolve to choose good over evil.


If there are people with good conscience, there will be salvation for humankind.


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